Dog Wash expanding services

ST.CLAIRSVILLE — The Dog Wash & Grooming, located at 135 East Main St., has expanded its services to include grooming for cats.

Two certified professional groomers have been added to the staff: Tom King and Michelle Pribila, who specializes in cat grooming. Owner Lisa Beaver opened her grooming business over thirteen years ago, and and she continues to supervise and contribute her expertise.

“It is important to keep cats groomed to reduce matting and shedding on your feline friend,” Beaver said. Beaver saw a need in St. Clairsville’s market for pet grooming and decided to fill it.

The Dog Wash & Grooming offers a comprehensive list of services including bathing, brush-outs, grooming, ear cleaning, nail trimming, and blueberry facials. They use only all-natural shampoos and conditioners customized for pets’ skin and fur needs. In between regular grooming appointments, they offer free nail trims. As a courtesy, The Dog Wash offers “curbside assistance”, meaning they will assist with getting pets inside the business since they are located on a busy street.

“We strive to provide all pets with the same standards of safety we give to our own,” Beaver said. All of Dog Wash’s staff are pet owners, and have been trained to groom all breeds and sizes of dogs and cats.

The Dog Wash will be expanding soon to include merchandise such as toys and leashes for pets, pet bakery items, doggy day care, and kennel services.

They are open Monday through Saturday, and walk-ins are welcome.

Bath specials are available on Saturdays. Appointments can be made by calling 740-296-5495.

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