Former Sheriff Crumbley dies

BELMONT COUNTY has lost one of its most famous female citizens.

Katherine M. “Kathy” Crumbley died Sunday at the Park Health Center in St. Clairsville.

According to the Belmont County Bicentennial book published by The Times Leader, Crumbley was elected Belmont County sheriff in 1976 and was Ohio’s first elected female sheriff and America’s first female to win a sheriff’s race while having competition in the primary and general elections.

Kathy appeared on the “Johnny Carson Show,” “Hee Haw” and the “Mike Douglas Show.”

Following her one term as Belmont County sheriff, Kathy served as a fraud investigator/supervisor for the Belmont County Department of Job and Family Services.

Retired Belmont County Sheriff Tom McCort said Crumbley “was a dedicated servant and served well the people of Belmont County. She was the one who started the practice of patrolling all sectors of the county. It was something that I did when I became sheriff, but she was the one who started it.”

Mary Graham served as a deputy sheriff under Crumbley. “She was a very competent sheriff and did her job well,” Graham said.

Former Belmont County Prosecuting Attorney Frank Pierce said he worked with Crumbley in her capacity as a fraud investigator at the Belmont County Department of Job and Family Services., “She did an outstanding job as an investigator,” Pierce said.

Over the years, Crumbley has received numerous awards and recognitions. She was received the Alumni Award and the DAR Award in high school. In 1995, she was inducted into the Hall of Fame and was also an honorary referee in girls’ sporting events.

In addition to her work for the county, Crumbley was also a devoted grandmother to her grandchildren. She was preceded in death by her husband, James C. “Brutus” Crumbley in 1989. She is survived by her son, Joshua, and his wife, Debra; grandson, Jedidiah James, and granddaughter, Johanna Surette, a brother, a sister and numerous other relatives.

Services for Crumbley will be held at St. John Church, Bellaire, Wednesday, at 11 a.m. with burial in Mount Calvary Cemetery in Bellaire.


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