Powhatan battling water problems

WITH THE arrival of the Polar Vortex, cold weather has impacted schools, sporting events and waterlines.

Many communities in Belmont County have suffered multiple breaks, causing citizens to lose water.

Most recently, the village of Powhatan suffered the same fate with five water breaks. The latest one occurred south of Captina Creek to the end of town.

The village has been on a water conservation since Thursday. Another major break happened on Sycamore Street.

The water was restored on Friday but the citizens are asked to conserve water and there is a 48 hour boil order.

It has also been reported the water tank for the village is also losing water, which means a hidden break may have happened.

The village shut off the water to York Township, which buys its water from Powhatan, from noon to 4 p.m. on Thursday to see if a break in that area was the reason for the loss of water in the tank.

Residents were able to fill up jugs and bottles at the village building and bottled water was brought in as well.

Powhatan Elementary School was not affected because its uses Belmont County water.

MEANWHILE IN Bellaire, water service is getting back to normal.

The All-American Town experienced four waterline breaks Wednesday, halting service throughout the town for much of Wednesday night and early Thursday morning. Bellaire and St. John schools were closed Thursday due to a lack of water.

Some water customers in Bellaire may experience low pressure today.

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