Car repairs and a dog

My beautiful, comfortable, perfect, “just what I’ve always wanted” car spent a couple of weeks in the hospital for repairs due to a “deer bump” that I managed to get in mid-November.

The car went in for work just after Christmas. It was back in my possession, all shiny, just in time for our recent snow event so, needless to say, that shiny didn’t last long. But, who cares? I’m beyond happy just to have it back. That two-week “incarceration” was hard on me.

I had a rental during that period and, although it got me from point A to B, it left much to be desired!

The rental was a very, very, very small means of transportation. I did not enjoy this vehicle. My co-worker dubbed it the “pregnant roller-skate” but I had to argue with her on that moniker. In my opinion, it wasn’t big enough to be considered even a little pregnant. In fact, I think it was too small to be called a vehicle. It should be considered nothing more than a skate board.

When my three-year-old granddaughter, Maddie Jo, saw the rental she was immediately interested in taking a ride in the little red machine.

“Can I ride in it?” she asked.

“Maddie Jo,” I said. “Granny Kay wouldn’t even let her dog ride in that thing.”

“You got a dog?” she asked with a smile on her face.

“No, I don’t have a dog,” was my reply.

“What color is your dog?” she asked, still smiling and always the animal lover.

“I don’t have a dog, honey. It’s just a figure of speech,” I said.

“What did you name your dog?” she immediately asked, still looking as happy as a lark.

“Really, baby, I don’t have a dog. All I have right now is that silly little red car and I just don’t want you riding in it. It is not safe,” I told her. “Do you understand now?”

“But where do you keep your dog?” she asked with a look of wonder in her eyes.

“Not in that car,” I answered. “It’s just too small and, as I said before, it is not safe. I just want MY car back so you can ride around with me anytime you want to.”

“Are you going to let your dog ride in it, too?” she asked. “I want to see your dog.”

Ah, the innocence and determination of children and the agony of reality!

I know I shouldn’t complain, but that rental was pure hell!

Of course, I have been spoiled when it comes to my car.

It has automatic everything … windows, lights, windshield wipers, comfort thermostat … even seat warmers!

The rental had nothing. I had to roll the windows up and down … manually!

I was forced to remember to turn the lights off. (Thanks to our buddy here at the office, Ed Polli, I managed to avoid disaster when I failed to turn them off one day at work.)

The little skate board also required me to turn the windshield wipers on (and off), something I never did master. Each time the weather required me to give the windshield a good swipe or two, I had everything running except what was needed!

It was exhausting driving around that little critter. Yet, amazingly, the car went well in the snow.

The drive-way to the house has been dubbed “the worse in Harrison County” by more than one person. It’s a title that is well deserved.

Some four-wheel drive vehicles have been known to be conquered by that beast, Even the “bid boys”?have bowed to that drive. Yet, in spite of all the recent snow, the little skate board was only left stranded in the drive one afternoon. It eventually spun its way to the top, so that little episode doesn’t really count.

In addition to its dependability, the little skateboard had an awesome heater … once it got warmed up. Often times, on the trip from Harrison County to Martins Ferry I would shiver until I reached Colerain. But once the car made its mind up to produce heat, look out scout … it was an instant tropical heat wave!

After reconsidering the two weeks of inconvenience when it came to conveniences, I shouldn’t complain. The rental served me well and, with the price of gas being what it is, saved me a few bucks! Oh, I?almost forgot … the volume of the radio could reach a level high enough to “cover up” all that road noise! Another plus.

Yet, the problem of convincing my granddaughter that there is, and never was, a dog remains. How much would a doggie for the car window cost?

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