Make A Difference

THIS COMING Saturday is not your run-of-the-mill Saturday.

Rather, it is an observance that carries with it positive and heart-warming ramifications.

Make a Difference Day, created by USA Weekend Magazine, unfolds across the nation Saturday, marked by selfless deeds being carried out by millions of people.

Communities, organizations and individuals step to the plate that day to provide positive acts of kindness. It is the unquestioned largest day of volunteering in the nation.

Many worthwhile events have been scheduled for Saturday throughout the Ohio Valley. They range in nature from food collections and subsequent distributions, to clothes drives or simply spending quality time with the elderly.

Make A Difference Day is all inclusive. Young and old alike can lend their respective talents to making a positive impact in a person’s life, an organization or in their community.

Make A Difference Day continues to show phenomenal growth. Helping others is contagious, as it provides a needed service while offering a sense of accomplishment in return.

In 2009, 3 million people across the country had enough passion and caring to serve as volunteers on Make a Difference Day. Two years later, look for that number to triple.


First of all, individuals are realizing more than ever that everyone wins when they volunteer. Secondly, Make A Difference Day’s notoriety is moving off the charts. Good deeds are now being showcased, spurring more such actions.

The Ohio Valley is home to a special brand of people. We always step up to help our neighbors. We expect local residents will emphatically reinforce that commitment Saturday and make a difference … one more time.