Animal Shelter

A NEW day is dawning at the Belmont County Animal Shelter. The St. Clairsville-based facility has been hounded by a series of recent problems.

However, a myriad of complaints and an investigation have yielded new leadership at the shelter.

Angela Hatfield took the leash Monday as the new director. She brings an upbeat attitude, high energy, unbridled passion and a wealth of work experience to her new challenge.

Hatfield assumes the responsibility of managing all aspects of the shelter, including personnel, records, facilities maintenance and fundraising.

The West Virginia native also brings with her a vision.

Hatfield, along with the Belmont County Animal Rescue League Board, have their sights set on constructing a new facility. She also is planning to open a thrift shop in St. Clairsville to benefit shelter operations.

“We’re trying to develop a self-sustaining facility,” Hatfield said, adding that there would be areas for grooming, public meetings and, training. The facility would be used by the community at large.

Hatfield served for three months on the BCARL Board. During that time, the shelter experienced marked improvement, as the facility is now in good condition and adoption rates are on the rise.

Moreover, there is a much more positive feeling surrounding the shelter.

The days of ongoing bickering and back-biting have been replaced by optimism.

Hatfield did note that the shelter does have one immediate need. That being volunteers for tasks such as dog walking. We are confident that Hatfield will be able to quickly remedy that situation.

It wasn’t too long ago that the Belmont County Animal Shelter was a source of concern. We believe Hatfield and the BCARL Board will team to make the shelter a facility that Belmont Countians will take great pride in.