Vote Portman Nov. 8

Since 2011, Rob Portman has represented the Buckeye State in the U.S. Senate. We believe he has done an admirable job and that Ohioans should send him back to Washington, D.C., for a second term.

Portman is a Republican and a small business owner from Cincinnati. He built a strong record as a “commonsense conservative” who puts principles before politics. One example of this can be seen in his decision to withdraw his support of Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump following release of a video showing Trump making crude comments about women. Portman said Trump’s remarks were “offensive” and “degrading” and the last straw for him, although he had hoped to support Trump out of respect for the millions of people who voted for the presidential nominee.

Portman has a reputation for being a fiscal conservative who is focused on building consensus and promoting pro-growth policies and private sector job creation. He is known as an advocate for tax reform, regulatory reform, deficit reduction and worker retraining.

Despite their long traditions of supporting Democrat candidates, some major labor unions endorsed Portman in his race against former Ohio Gov. Ted Strickland. The Ohio Conference of Teamsters union and the United Mine Workers both threw their support behind Portman rather than the Democrat Strickland. In doing so, the unions’ leadership made it clear they believe Portman has been an effective and reliable voice for working men and women. They see Strickland’s record as governor — a time when Ohio lost thousands of jobs and acquired an $8 billion budget deficit — as a sign of things to come if he were to be elected to the Senate.

Portman has proposed legislation regarding issues that matter to the people of Ohio, such as the ongoing opioid epidemic. He took a stand against human trafficking. He advocates increasing domestic oil and gas production.

In addition, Portman has served as a U.S. trade representative, making efforts to reduce barriers to U.S. exports and striving to enforce laws designed to level the playing field for American farmers and manufacturers.

For these reasons, we endorse Portman and urge Ohioans to vote for him in the Nov. 8 election.