Political Honesty?

Dear Editor,

As a registered voter in Richland Township, Belmont County, I have seen many signs and read the ads that the candidates are using for the upcoming election. Apparently, some of them don’t understand exactly what the words mean that are being used. Like the word HONEST, which means not giving into lying, cheating and stealing.

For example, I attended a township meeting where I heard an employee, of the township, admit to taking something from the township without permission. One of the trustees, which worked in law enforcement, thought that something should be done about this because that is considered stealing. The other two trustees at the time, did not want to take any further action on the matter. The situation got pushed aside and covered up. If that situation would have happened at any other place of employment, the employee would either get time off (without pay) or even get fired. The other two trustees must have thought it is “ok” to steal from the taxpayers.

So Attention All Voters … I ask that you get to know your candidates. Just because they use the word HONEST, doesn’t mean that they are. Remember township meetings are for the public! Attend them and you will get to know your trusses’ character and exactly what they stand for.

Jay Stephens