Letters to the Editor

McConnell wrong on health care bill

Dear Editor,

Mitch McConnell delayed consideration of the Republican “health care bill” because Senator McCain had to have surgery that will keep him from D.C. for an unspecified amount of time.

I wish the senator well, but this bill is coming back up. And before it does I wanted to give you an idea of the impact this legislation will have on veterans.

Nearly 1.75 million veterans use Medicaid as a source of health care coverage. Almost 40 percent of them — 913,000 veterans — have no other source of coverage, meaning Medicaid is the only way for them to get health care. And for nearly 350,000 veterans, Obamacare’s Medicaid expansion program is the only way they can afford health care. These potential changes and defunding of Medicaid put veterans and military families at considerable risk. As veterans we all must step up and make our voices heard to stop this horrible legislation from becoming law.


Ben Lofton



Dear Editor,

Today’s “liberal college” campuses are a breeding ground for those students who demand freedom of speech. They gather on these college campuses, march in the streets and frequently destroy private property on campus and private businesses in the process of making their voices heard. This has occurred most recently, when the campus officials have invited guest speakers to deliver an opposing opinion. These individuals have been subject to harassment, threats on their lives and, in one case, actually manhandled before his staff could extricate him. The videos have shown campus rioters dressed in black with faces covered, throwing flaming objects at the campus buildings breaking glass and attempting to destroy police cars.

These individuals have prevented those of differing opinions from exercising their right to freedom of speech. Stupidity: The same students are cursing capitalism, while at the same time using their iPhones. How do they think their iPhones and all other technology came about?

The liberal professors and their teachings are much to blame. On the street interviews indicate many college students have no knowledge about our country’s beginnings or the sacrifices of our troops. Civics classes are a thing of the past, and the students are being taught revisionist history. Just imagine, if this trend continues these liberal individuals may become the potential leader of our country.

William J. Patsche

St. Clairsville

Columnist wrong on criticism of Trump

Dear Editor,

I could not help but read with total disgust the Connie Schultz Brown opinion article in the July 15 edition, where she ranted her partisan BS about President Trump and his family. She talked about the president’s poor parenting abilities when looking at the actions of Donald Jr. concerning his meeting with a Russian lawyer, not a Russian connected with Putin’s administration but one connected with the Democratic Party, and allowed to be in the United States illegally because of the Obama administration waiving her expired visa. I guess Ms Schultz Brown forgot those facts!

She said that Donald Jr. did not behave in the manner of any ethical human being, because his role model is his father. I guess she also forgot the unethical behavior of the Democratic Party when they worked against Bernie Sanders, or when they gave Hillary the questions before a debate, and she took them, the unethical behavior of Debbie Wasserman Schultz (any relation?) that forced her to resign as the head of the DNC. What about the DNC colluding with the Ukrainian government, or President Obama sending hundreds of thousands of dollars to try and influence the re-election of Bibi Netanyhu? Other countries can’t mess with our elections, but it’s just fine for Obama to do it in another country?

Your silence only shows your hypocrisy when it comes to Democrats! You say we tell our children not to lie or bully and that President Trump hates Muslims and mocks women and his default response is to become unhinged. I guess you forgot about Hillary lying about her illegal server, lying about turning over “all” emails, even the classified documents she said she never had, or her failure to turn over all electronic devices, some bleach bitted, others destroyed with hammers! How convenient of you to forget all of her lies! As for bullying, I guess you also forgot all the stories about how she treated her staff, the military and Secret Service assigned to protect her, or when she called handicapped children “retards” or the lied about and threatened the women who accused Bill of unethical and improper behavior. This is the ethical person you wanted in the White House, nevermind her collusion with Russia concerning the sale of 20 percent of American uranium. Did you forget all this about your girl Hillary and the Holy Democratic Party? One last thing, President Trump never said he hates Muslims; he and millions of Americans hate Muslim terrorists! There is a difference to everyone except those who read and watch the fake news.

Thank you, and God bless America,

Dwain E. Knight