Be Local by Experiencing Fast and Friendly Service at Miklas Meat Market

Step inside the front door at Miklas Meat Market just once and you are destined to return.

This family owned and operated store at 58 Carmel Road in Wheeling in the heart of the Woodsdale neighborhood is anything but small when it comes to filling the wants and needs of its many customers.The store has been providing quality products and services since 1977.

What sets Miklas apart from others is obvious throughout the store. First and foremost, owner Dave Rotriga and his wife Laura insist on customer service the minute the front door opens. With nearly 20 employees, the store offers attention to detail — whether it’s slicing deli meats and cheese to order or recommending a favorite cut of meat and recipe for tonight’s dinner.

In addition, Rotriga is quick to point out the number of sought-after local products the store carries on a regular basis. Among the offerings are Sarah’s salty bread, Figaretti’s and Undo’s spaghetti sauces, Saseen’s salad dressing, John Welty’s honey, eggs from Susan West of Neffs and hand pies from Melinda Stevey’s Fried American Pies.

Nothing pairs better with fresh cheese and lunch meat than a selection of Mancini Bakery breads, with a side of Pittsburgh Pickles. Perk up some coffee with a bag of Paramount Coffee or pour a glass of one of the many specialty wines offered at Miklas Meat Market, including Moss Farms Winery.

David Shockey, who oversees the wine purchasing as well as the dairy case at Miklas, said the wine selection is varied and different from larger retailers. “We try to offer different things that you won’t find at other stores,” Shockey said. He offers his expertise when customers seek to pair a wine with a particular food dish or for a special occasion.

Peruse the shelves and customers will recognize the many Amish-made products from noodles to the oversized cinnamon rolls with icing. The store offers a bit of everything a larger grocery story may stock, but with even more specialty foods. It’s a one-stop shopping for many neighbors.

Rotriga is proud of the products he and his staff prepare each day. Meats are often cut to order with special meat “bundles” offered as well. His ground meats are the best around, he said. This past Christmas saw so many orders for meat bundles as gifts, that Rotriga had to set a limit to meet the demand.

“I was running out of space for all the bundles we sold,” he remarked.

Repeat customers come from up and down the Ohio Valley, some from as far away as Marietta and Cadiz. Miklas was named the “best meat market” during Best of the Ohio Valley Readers’ Choice awards late last year, and also honored as “best deli.”

Employees at Miklas are trained to listen to the customers’ needs, as they often have suggestions for new products or food trends.

“The clerks are good at knowing our customers. They go out of their way to offer suggestions or recipes. We have some good cooks on staff, too,” Rotriga said.

The store is open from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday; and 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Saturday; closed Wednesday and Sunday. To reach the store by phone, call 304-242-8220 or by email at MiklasMeatMarket@gmail.com. While the store closes its doors at 6 p.m., the operation does not stop then. Several employees work through the night preparing items that guarantee the store’s commitment to fresh products.

“We have people in here cooking meatballs and rolling pepperoni rolls overnight,” Rotriga said. “We sell about 100 pepperoni rolls a day … and these are big pepperoni rolls stuffed with pepperoni and a good slab of cheese.”

The Rotriga family also is known for its big heart and community-minded spirit. When Rotriga’s nephew Hines was diagnosed with a form of cancer in 2013, Miklas became the “Hope For Hines” headquarters. The family conducted fundraisers and supplied moral support to Hines and his family as the boy underwent treatment. Today, Hines is a healthy kindergarten student at St. Michael School.

But the Rotrigas saw the need to help other families whose children were suffering. They continue to host fundraisers — whether it’s selling candy bars, baked good, cookbooks, soup, wine or T-shirts, or conducting raffles, the money goes to help others.

“Because that’s what we’re supposed to do … help people. It gives you a good feeling,” Rotriga said.

Miklas is part of the Be Local network of local businesses. Be Local is the region’s premier shop local promotion and education network. This program is dedicated to strengthening the region’s economy and promoting locally-owned, independent businesses by educating residents and visitors about the importance of shopping local. The 2020 Be Local Network includes businesses from West Virginia, Ohio and Pennsylvania.

Shoppers can purchase a Be Local discount card at participating locations, which can be found at belocal.net. The card can be used for a variety of discounts at area businesses that are part of the Be Local network. For more information, visit belocal.net.


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