Old man winter rears his frosty head

Winter has barely started and after a couple of freezing colds days I’m wishing for spring already. I’m thankful I don’t have to work outside for long periods, but I do enjoy getting snowy photos for the newspaper.

As they say, a picture is worth a thousand words and one image I captured last week helped explain just how cold it was. A person was on Fourth Street with their car trying to figure out something under the hood.

With no gloves on they were trying to warm their hands and nose by breathing warm air into them, I think. It wasn’t too long after that she went inside. I, too, ducked into the dollar store to warm up myself.

Before the deep freeze hit, we got a day of snow play in with our son Henry and one of his little neighbor friends. My husband Scott got his exercise in and then some because he pulled the kids on the sled several times back and forth on the sidewalk.

The end of our front walk turned into a nice bunny hill for Henry, who was thrilled to be outside in the white stuff. I tried to sled myself — on my belly — and for some reason I thought that was a good idea.

As soon as I tried to flop down on my stomach onto the sled, I felt pain and a little embarrassment. But I still managed to laugh as Scott pulled me up off the ground. Next time, if I dare, I will go on my bottom like everyone else my age.

It was a good day and I think we all slept pretty soundly that night. I’m looking forward to more sledding — on my days off, of course, when I don’t also have drive in it. Happy sledding!

Hanson can be reached at shanson@timesleader online.com.


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