Glittery hand sanitizer

As we all are trying to adjust and cope with this coronavirus stuff, I can’t help but notice that one of the little bottles of hand sanitizer I bought maybe four weeks ago has glitter in it.

I bought it one day at Bath & Body Works at the mall, before everything was really starting to get super serious. The clerk said they had just got a shipment in and she was required to limit each purchase to 10 per transaction.

I bought five since that’s what the deal was for. They weren’t cheap, but I knew I was going to want some in my purse and my car and maybe one on my desk, too.

I was right. I’m not even sure you can buy any at the stores now. My mother in law made her own with a bottle of rubbing alcohol she already had at her house and aloe vera gel she bought at the store. I know it must be working because when I put it on it stings a little bit.

We are cleaning our frequently touched surfaces, keeping a good social distance when outside and watching the press conferences by the president and our Ohio governor, Mike DeWine.

We got internet installed at our house so we can work from home and help stop the spread. I hope it all works. They say it is, but we need to keep it up.

We are trying to do our part. It does feel like a war effort of sorts. I wasn’t alive at that time, but I remember reading and hearing about how everyone had to make sacrifices during the World Wars. This seems similar in a way, though with an invisible enemy. It’s a little surreal, right?

I finally opened up that giant jar of peanut butter I wrote about last week. It did its job helping to fill our bellies, so I will continue to do mine, too.

Hanson can be reached at shanson@timesleaderonline.com.


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