Peanut butter comfort in uncertain times

I’m not going to lie: this coronavirus stuff is bugging me out a little bit. That’s why the other day I told my husband that I was thinking of buying a large jar of peanut butter to put in the cupboard, just in case. In case what, you might ask? I don’t know, really. Perhaps I don’t want to really think it out loud.

But having peanut is always comforting to me. It always tastes good. It has a long shelf life. It doesn’t cost a lot of money. You can put on bread, on crackers, on celery, or eat it by itself off a spoon, if need be. It can be paired with jelly, jam, bananas, if you have them, or just plain.

It is versatile and I don’t like to go without it for too long.

So my sweet, supportive husband, perhaps seeing the uncertainty in my eyes or in my voice, did something very nice for me. He came home with a 64-ounce jar of peanut butter for me to put in the cupboard. That’s 4 pounds of peanut butter.

The funny thing is we will eventually eat it all — and likely before it every goes bad, too.

There are a lot of opinions out there about whether what we, as a nation, are doing during this coronavirus epidemic is necessary. Well, I’m not a scientist or an expert on anything, really, so I defer to them. But I’m hoping that in the end it works and saves as many lives as possible. I know I would hate to have a loved one suffering in the hospital with it right now.

So in addition to stocking up on peanut butter at home, we are washing our hands more often than usual, wiping frequently-touched surfaces and getting our young son Henry to do his “blizzard bag” homework while he is off from school.

Try to stay healthy, everyone. And if you need some peace of mind or a spoonful of comfort, try buying a large jar of peanut butter.

Hanson can be reached at shanson@timesleaderonline.com.


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