COVID shots and relief

My mom finally got her two doses of the COVID-19 vaccine and I can’t tell you what a relief that is for me and my family.

I think it’s a relief for her, too. She feels like she can go out and about more now without so much concern about catching this virus. I know it is not 100 percent effective, but it’s pretty close.

After being mostly cooped for months, first with so many businesses shut down and then again with a harsh winter this year, I’m sure it will feel like freedom again for her and the many others who have received their vaccine.

She said she’s had some flu-like side effects from it — body aches and a sore arm. From what I’ve read this is not uncommon. Also from what I’ve read is that the stronger one’s immune system is, the stronger one’s reaction can be to the vaccine.

I usually get a seasonal flu vaccine shot every year. I remember the first one I had received years ago after what was probably a long hiatus, I got a sore arm and a little fever out of it. That was probably 20 years ago. So I don’t know how I will react to one of these COVID vaccines; OK, I hope.

I know there are some people on the fence about getting it. And that’s OK. From what I’ve read and the people I’ve talked to I feel comfortable enough in getting it. Let’s hope I don’t eat my words, right? (Knock on wood.)

I remember getting the swine flu H1N1 vaccine back in 2009 and just having a mild reaction then. That was a single shot.

Anyway, whether you choose to get it or not, there definitely seems to be a light at the end of the tunnel. I only wish everyone could have made it with us.

On a brighter note, some of the past occupancy restrictions related to the virus are being lifted for businesses in Ohio, and there are also events being planned across the Ohio Valley. For example, a Spring Crafter/Vendor Fair is set for March 27 at the Martins Ferry Rec Center, Fourth Street. And the weekly Ohio Valley Farmers Market kicks off in Bellaire on May 15.

Hanson can be reached at shanson@timesleaderonline.com.


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