Moonlight Intimate Apparel opens

The newest business in Wheeling’s Centre Market is aiming to help women in the Ohio Valley “add a little spice into their lives” by making them look and feel their best.

Moonlight Intimate Apparel officially opened its doors Friday at 2232 Market St., where officials and members of the St. Clairsville Area Chamber of Commerce welcomed the new business with a ribbon cutting ceremony to help celebrate the grand opening.

The brainchild of Wheeling native Ashley Sutton, Moonlight Intimate Apparel not only strives to offer a unique selection of sexy outfits and accessories in the setting of a cozy specialty boutique store, but also makes a point to keep an inventory of apparel in an “all-inclusive” range of sizes to suit everyone.

“Around this area, it’s very hard — especially with the plus-size community, there’s a lot of women with no options,” Sutton said. “I myself was plus-sized, and I remember the first time they told me they didn’t have my size at a store, and it was heart-breaking. It was during my weight loss journey, and it was very hurtful. I felt awful about it, and I wanted to make sure that when I started a business, that everyone was included from plus sized to small sized”

Sutton added that she wanted to make sure that each item is not priced differently because of the size. Customers don’t pay $5 extra for the next size up — the selection from small to 3X is the same price for individual items across the board, Sutton noted.

“I really want it to be body positive and inclusive and make everybody feel good, because — especially after the pandemic — I think that’s really needed right now,” Sutton said. “Just about all of us spent a lot of time during the pandemic in sweat pants and T-shirts, and no makeup. That was my whole vibe the entire time. I think it’s nice after the pandemic to be able to feel pretty again and to have a reason to get dressed up and feel good about yourself.”

From lingerie to boots, Moonlight Intimate Apparel has an array of eye-catching clothing, and more. There are also massage oils, perfumes, locally made candles and other unique finds.

“There’s a pretty wide selection of anything you would need to feel good or to feel romantic,” Sutton said, noting that it was somewhat challenging to get inventory during the pandemic, but everything in the store was hand-picked to have a selection of items that would look good on everyone.

A website is currently being developed for the store, and Sutton indicated that she intends to have “real” models showcasing some of their items in promotional materials — not just “size zero girls.”

“I think the whole point of this store is to make everyone feel welcome and feel good about themselves,” she said. “It’s important to feel confident, and lingerie helps you feel confident.

Moonlight Intimate Apparel also boasts a “Throne Room” where customers can model their selections for themselves. A tall, majestic chair or “throne” sits in the private room surrounded by professional lighting worthy of a photo shoot. There is a selfie-stick mounted to a light ring to allow visitors to strike a pose and take their own cell phone photos.

“When you’re looking good and feeling good, you can capture the moment, and if you want to send it out, you can,” Sutton said, noting that intimate apparel and other selections in the store can be bought with the benefit of a partner in mind, but it doesn’t have to be for that reason.

“It’s not just for your significant other,” she said. “I think lingerie is one of those things that you also just wear for yourself. It’s not about attracting someone else, it’s about making yourself feel your best.”

Moonlight Intimate Apparel is open from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. Tuesday-Saturday. The boutique is closed on Sundays and Mondays, when special events such as bridal parties, photo shoots and other private gatherings are expected to be scheduled in the future.

For more information on Moonlight Intimate Apparel, visit their official social media pages or call 304-905-9647.


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