‘Unique Treats by Jacquie’ opens

BELLAIRE RESIDENT Jacquie Jochumsen poses with some of her gourmet caramel apples at her new shop Unique Treats by Jacquie at 3391 Belmont St., Bellaire. T-L Photo/SHELLEY HANSON

BELLAIRE — A new shop has opened in the village offering a variety of treats aimed at satisfying the sweetest of sweet tooths.

Unique Treats by Jacquie, located at 3391 Belmont St., Bellaire, is set to hold a grand opening celebration at 4 p.m. Oct. 23. Owned by Jacquie Jochumsen, the shop features many sweet treats created by Jochumsen, along with savory homemade soups.

The shop’s specialty is gourmet caramel apples. There are more than 25 flavors from which to choose.

Jochumsen said she has been making the caramel apples and selling them for the past 12 years. She enjoyed the work so much that she decided to quit her engineering job and pursue the apple business full time.

“I decided it was time to follow my dream at 57,” she said. “They call me the ‘apple lady.'”

Pursuing the business full time led to her opening the storefront in downtown Bellaire. She noted the business is doing well and keeping her busy. In addition to her sweet treats, she also makes soups three days per week.

“Bellaire is just loving this soup,” she said.

Jochumsen is a native of Bellaire. She runs the business with help from her son, Lloyd, and husband, Mike. She credits her love of cooking to learning to her mother.

“I’m working 12-hour days, but I love it,” she said.

Jochumsen said she gets her apples from Amish farms. She picks apples that are big and have no blemishes. She said she guarantees her apples.

“I hand select, hand pick the apples,” she said. “We buy 750 to 1,000 at a time. I take pride in quality. I choose quality over quantity.”

Jochumsen said she also enjoys helping people conduct fundraisers with her caramel apples, which she often does at a loss to herself. However, she said most of the fundraisers people hold are for the local children and students.

“I don’t jack up my price,” she said. “It’s my way of giving back to the community for its support. … I love what I do; I make apples for people.”

Jochumsen also makes and sells Bavarian nuts, in addition to other sweet treats.


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