Beware of default payment scam

ST. CLAIRSVILLE — Belmont County Sheriff David Lucas is warning residents about a property tax scam involving false notices of default payment that are being left hanging on residents’ doors.

The false hangers state that the resident owes thousands of dollars to the state and that items of property could be seized.

The victims are told to call an 800 number.

Recipients of these notices are being warned not to respond.

Belmont County Auditor Anthony Rocchio said his office is producing genuine door-hangers for visitors from his office to leave on residents’ doors. These will include a phone number for his office and the reason for the visit.

“We’re going to be proactive in putting something at the homes so everyone will know what we’re there for, why we were there, who’s there as opposed to these scams … that try to get you to call an 800 number,” he said. “My name will be on those. We’re going to have different phone numbers, our real estate phone number so you can call or talk to somebody. When in doubt, you call and talk to somebody here at the courthouse, not an 800 number.”


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