JB Green Team places improved paper recycling bins

BELLAIRE — JB Green Team, aka the Jefferson Belmont Regional Solid Waste Authority, announces that the program is a recipient of an Ohio Environmental Protection Agency Community Recycling Grant to purchase 48 new 8-cubic-yard paper and cardboard recycling bins with large sliding side doors for ease of access.

JB Green Team provides a 25 percent match to the funding. The first bin will be delivered Wednesday to the Bellaire community recycling drop-off, located at the Imperial Plaza by Kroger. The remaining bins will be delivered to additional community drop-off sites in both Belmont and Jefferson counties.

Ohio EPA awarded more than $4 million in grant funding this year to 66 local governments, businesses and nonprofit organizations throughout Ohio to establish and implement recycling, litter prevention, recycling market development and scrap tire recycling programs.

With the Ohio EPA Community Recycling Grant, the Jefferson Belmont RSWA seeks to meet four goals:

∫ To expand paper/cardboard recycling collection capacity at current community recycling drop-off sites. Due to convenient access to an area paper mill, paper/cardboard recycling is the most utilized residential recycling opportunity in the JB Green Team area and continues to outgrow the number of available bins. The new bins will handle a greater volume at sites with limited space.

∫ To provide improved access for the many residents who have difficulty placing paper and cardboard in the current paper recycling bins due to the heavy top doors and small side access windows. This is a concern of residents often expressed to JB Green staff.

∫ To purchase new recycling bin signage to reduce contamination issues in the paper/cardboard recycling stream. The improved, simplified instructional signage on the new bins allows visitors to see at a quick glance that the bin is for paper and cardboard and that plastic bags or packing foam are not permitted.

∫ To refurbish older bins for future use as needed.

The JB Green Team/Jefferson Belmont Regional Solid Waste Authority is responsible for implementing a solid waste management plan designed to achieve the goals set by the Ohio EPA for waste reduction, recycling and reducing reliance on landfilling waste generated within the two counties.The Ohio EPA grant award is an important tool in meeting those goals.


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