Beallsville Elementary School first nine weeks honor roll

∫ Principal’s List

Ridge Holiday – 4Th Grade

Allie Mcfrederick – 4Th Grade

Mallarie Maddy – 4Th Grade

Mason Dennison – 4Th Grade

Brylee Mcfrederick – 5Th Grade

Karsyn Muncy – 5Th Grade

Megan Robinson – 5Th Grade

Kyler Kinzy – 5Th Grade

Emma Brockman – 5Th Grade

Aiden Milhoan – 6Th Grade

Braden Johnson – 6Th Grade

Ryan Dornon – 6Th Grade

∫ First Honors

Rayah Chappell – 4Th Grade

Jameson Bable – 4Th Grade

Camden Milhoan – 4Th Grade

Miley Bommer – 4Th Grade

Julianna Wilson – 4Th Grade

Rylan Alblus – 4Th Grade

Alivia Ramsey – 4Th Grade

Ja’chelle Hill – 4Th Grade

Abigail Mcculley – 4Th Grade

Kylie Anderson – 4Th Grade

Hunter Cole – 5Th Grade

Kloe Duvall – 5Th Grade

Kayson Hoff – 5Th Grade

Brianna Kinney – 5Th Grade

Cassandra Weiland – 5Th Grade

Jayson Ramsey – 5Th Grade

Karly Showalter – 5Th Grade

Lilly Ward – 5Th Grade

Ayson Mcbride – 5Th Grade

Charles Gasser – 5Th Grade

Andrea Henthorn – 5Th Grade

Hailey Bable – 6Th Grade

Lyndsey Kinney – 6Th Grade

Randy Henthorn – 6Th Grade

∫ Second Honors

Carter Cole – 4Th Grade

Logan Tomolonis – 4Th Grade

Ryann Mcguire – 5Th Grade

Carlee Winkler – 6Th Grade

Wyatt Majors – 6Th Grade

Kaleb Stephen – 6Th Grade

Cooper Rockwell – 6Th


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