Thirty percent of Jefferson County’s voters made it to the polls on Tuesday

STEUBENVILLE — There was a 30.49 percent voter turnout in Tuesday’s general election.

It also was the first time voters in Jefferson County used the new paper ballot voting system.

Board of elections Chairman Matt Parise said traffic at the polls was steady all day, but he had hoped there would be a higher turnout.

Board of elections member Frankie DiCarlantonio said voter turnout should have been higher, but noted it wasn’t a federal election.

He said voter turnout in Mingo Junction, Smithfield and Wells Township was higher because of important races and issues.

Steubenville, which had contested council races, only had a voter turnout of 24.32 percent.

Irondale had the highest voter turnout at 63 percent.

As for the new paper ballot voting system, DiCarlantonio said it was the first time for voters in the county’s 71 precincts to use it.

“It went well, and it definitely will take time for voters to get used to it. Some say it was a step backward, but it is a step forward. It is easier to keep track of the ballots. We were able to count the results faster,” he said.

The paper ballots replaced the touchscreen machines voters had used since 2005.

Parise said there were some glitches early in the day on Tuesday, but election workers were able to overcome problems.

“I heard people say they like the new system. The poll workers like it. It is easier to set up, and it is easier to tabulate the results at the board of elections.

The new system was fairly well received throughout the county,” he said.

The county board of elections is scheduled to meet on Nov. 20 to certify the election results.


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