Bridgeport Police Department assisting residents amid COVID-19

T-L File Photo Bridgeport Police Chief John Bumba said his department is offering to help those in need during the coronavirus pandemic.

BRIDGEPORT — Law enforcement officials are offering their services to help those in need amid the coronavirus pandemic.

The Bridgeport Police Department has implemented a new program to aid the community. The department announced Tuesday that any Bridgeport or Brookside residents in need of essential item delivery can contact the department for assistance.

“Any Bridgeport or Brookside resident who is in need of prescription or grocery delivery to their home, please call Bridgeport Police at 740-635-9999,” the department states in a release.

Chief John Bumba said officers want to fulfill their mission to protect and serve.

“We want to try to help them (residents) out in any way we can during this difficult time,” he said.

Bumba said any resident in the department’s coverage area is eligible to receive assistance.

“We have limited resources, but we’ll do what we can,” he said.

The department employs only five full-time officers.

Officers will pick up and deliver essential items including prescription or grocery items.

“If they call it in, medication or small amounts of groceries, we’ll go pick it up and deliver it to them,” Bumba said.

The items must be pre-paid prior to the department going to pick them up.

The service is meant to aid the elderly and those who are unable to leave the house, he said. The law enforcement agency’s new service comes shortly after Gov. Mike DeWine’s stay-at-home order to help combat the continued spread of the virus took effect at 9:59 p.m. Monday.

Any village resident in need of the department’s delivery service may call 740-635-9999.


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