Test results show drugs seized in St. Clairsville are fentanyl

ST. CLAIRSVILLE — A drug investigation led by St. Clairsville Police Department and aided by members of the Belmont County Sheriff’s Department in May led to the arrest of Megan Funkhouser, 33 of St.Clairsville, and Billie Clark, 28 of Oklahoma City for trafficking in narcotics.

St. Clairsville Police recently received the lab test results from the drugs seized in that case and confirmed one of their “worst fears.” More than 55 grams of the narcotics seized contained the powerful and extremely dangerous drug fentanyl.

According to the DEA, 2 milligrams of this powerful drug (80 to 100 times more powerful than morphine) are considered to be a fatal dose.

By those estimates, the amount that was poised to hit the streets here could have been 27,500 fatal doses. Drug dealers often mix this drug in with other street drugs to make their product more potent.

These dealers have no idea nor care what they are dealing with when they buy and redistribute, and drug users have no way to know exactly what they are buying which results in the higher number of overdose victims and deaths we are seeing, according to the department.

Fentanyl and carfentanyl, unlike other drugs, have oftentimes proven to be fatal by mere accidental skin contact or inhalation of these drugs, not just by drug users, but also by their children, family, friends, and first responders who show up to attempt to save them when they are dying.

St. Clairsville police are extremely concerned for the health and well being of the community members, and strongly urge those who have drug addiction issues to seek professional help before they or an unsuspecting friend or loved one comes into contact with these dangerous substances.

Not only do their officers do the work of investigating and charging those who abuse, possess or traffic illegal drugs, community members should also know that they can call or stop at the office. They are willing to safely dispose of any illegal drugs and help anyone get in contact with the help they need, no questions asked, according to the department.


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