New information released on Jacobsburg road accident

T-L FIle Photo The St. Clairsville Post of the Ohio State Highway Patrol released more information about a road accident early this month, when one person was reportedly struck by a vehicle.

JACOBSBURG — The Ohio State Highway Patrol St. Clairsville Post released more information about a reported accident early this month that left one man hospitalized after being struck by a vehicle.

Patrol Sgt. Brian Hawkins said the incident occurred the evening of Feb. 2 on Belmont County Road 56.

“It looks like these two gentlemen were following each other home and … both of them ended up pulling over. Once they pulled over, the other one took off and ran the other gentleman over and then ended up hitting his vehicle as well,” Hawkins said. “The one guy that hit the other person, he doesn’t claim to remember anything as far as what got to that point. We do know that alcohol was involved in that incident, suspectedly. He doesn’t claim to remember why he did what he did.”

Hawkins said the names of those involved are not being released until any potential charges are filed. Both men are from Jacobsburg.

“Statements were obtained from both parties,” he said. “It doesn’t sound like there was any kind of dispute or anything like that. I think it was just the level of imparity, what it sounds like. We don’t know what that level was. We’re waiting for some lab results.”

He said possible charges include aggravated vehicular assault and operating a vehicle under the influence.

“We don’t know what charges are going to go through,” he said. “We’re still waiting on the prosecutor’s office.”

Hawkins said the injured man was still hospitalized as of Feb. 10.

“I don’t know if he’s been released since then,” he said.

“We got the report last Friday and we are reviewing it,” Belmont County Prosecutor Kevin Flanagan said. “I can’t tell you whether or not we will be filing charges at this point because we are still digesting it. … We are still reviewing the case and it would be too premature to state.”


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