Monroe County officials mulling request to make county ‘Second Amendment sanctuary’

WOODSFIELD — The Monroe County Board of Commissioners is considering a request from a group of concerned residents to designate the county as a “Second Amendment sanctuary.”

On Monday, county residents and “concerned citizens” Carson McCurdy, the Rev. Joe Hise and Mike Luchini presented a petition to commissioners that would make the county a “Second Amendment sanctuary.” Hise said the petition is in response to proposed gun control legislation and “federal overreach” by President Joe Biden’s administration.

“From the way that things are happening in our nation right now, it’s kind of scary. Our freedoms are rapidly being taken away from us,” he said.

Hise said one proposal — House Resolution 127 — concerns him.

“One of the proposals they’re trying to pass would cause an $800 tax on firearms. If you did not pay that tax, you would basically be a criminal guilty of a felony (if you possess a firearm). Now that amount might not be much for a millionaire to pay, but for the rest of us, it’s a big deal,” he said. “People have a right to protect themselves. That’s an ingrained freedom in our Bill of Rights.”

Hise said the proposed gun control legislation is a “big issue” for the area.

“Because not only for protection, but we have so many people who are hunters and sport shooters. It’s part of our culture in this part of the country for so many people,” he said.

Hise said the petition states that the county will abide by all laws that are in place but oppose the enforcement of some laws that include certain gun control measures affecting the Second Amendment.

“We want to see our liberties as Americans preserved and not be taken away from us, because we’re Americans, we love our liberties,” he added.

Hise urged commissioners to either adopt a resolution in support of the petition or to establish an ordinance.

“It will uphold and protect our Second Amendment rights,” he said. “It’s one of our ingrained rights as Americans.”

Hise said there are 33 counties in Ohio that have enacted a resolution for Second Amendment protections with additional counties considering the measures. A similar petition was brought to the Belmont County Board of Commissioners last week — that board also is reviewing the request.

The end goal is to have the petition enacted on a state level, Hise said.

Commissioners Mick Schumacher, Diane Burkhart and Bill Bolon said they will take the request into consideration and announce their decision at a later date after discussing the matter further with fellow officials.

“We appreciate the input from the public, and we sympathize with the concerns of the public,” Schumacher said.


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