Capstone project aids village of Brookside

Photo Provided Bridgeport High School senior J.B. Marling completed a capstone project, which will help modernize the village of Brookside’s communication capabilities. Marling worked with village Fiscal Officer Jane Weaver to create a website featuring information on local government, businesses and announcements. Pictured is Marling with Weaver and Mayor Rich Kurner reviewing the website.

BRIDGEPORT — The village of Brookside has its own website to promote activities and provide information as part of a capstone project for one Bridgeport High School senior.

Jason “J.B.” Marling spent roughly four weeks creating a site for the village in his information technology/interactive media class.

The website was completed earlier this month and features tabs representing government, ordinances, printable forms, a business directory, fire department, park board and Brookside’s history as well as photographs and an announcement of events. It is the first time the village has its own site, brooksideoh.com, plus it is also Marling’s first project.

Marling said community leaders contacted the school seeking assistance and he worked with village Fiscal Officer Jane Weaver to bring it to fruition.

“This was a website that was supposed to be informational about Brookside,” he said, adding that he enjoyed working with Weaver. “I pulled out a template, put in information and added my own touch. Once we got the logo and color scheme and text, that’s how it all started coming together.”

Marling, the son of Jason and Kim Marling of Bridgeport, plans to study secondary education with a concentration in history this fall at Ohio University, but he was pleased to know his work at BHS will be used for years to come.

“I love knowing my work is being broadcast in the community in this way,” he commented.

IT/interactive media teacher Jim Davenport said his class has completed a variety of capstone projects and more recent ones include promotional media for the recent high school musical production of “Little Shop of Horrors” by junior Heather Dawson; senior Timmy Stanton’s online commercial for the Sport Your Colors embroidery business of Wheeling; junior John Tully’s logo for Runner’s Connection of Bellaire; and junior Caleb Funkhouser’s logo for United Steelworkers Local No. 4842.

“Each year, we do a capstone project in web design and video classes. Mrs. Weaver contacted us and J.B. wanted to take it on,” Davenport added. “The capstone projects are real-world projects, and students are working with outside businesses to create it with them.”

He lauded Marling for his creativity and said he was a consummate professional.

“J.B.’s work ethic has been outstanding. He’s learned a lot and tries new things and does a great job with it.”

Meanwhile, village leaders were impressed with Marling’s insight and creativity and said the site helps modernize Brookside’s communication capabilities.

Weaver said she reached out last year at the suggestion of council members and the class agreed to put it on the agenda for this spring. She worked with Marling in person and online and said he did a fantastic job putting the site together.

“He put everything on the website we wanted with very little instruction,” she added. “He also was very good at providing instruction and helped to the extent of getting it on the domain. (The website) makes everything easy to do. The council reviewed it and are very pleased with it.”

She noted that the village has had a Facebook page but now the public may also reach officials via the new email address at villageofbrookside@gmail.com.

“It’s wonderful,” concluded Mayor Rich Kurner. “It’s something that needed to be done and is a good tool to post information that people with computers can check out.”


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