Former Wheeling resident, wife plead guilty in Jan. 6 case

A former Wheeling resident and his wife, seen rummaging through government documents on the Senate floor during the Jan. 6 attack on the U.S. Capitol, pleaded guilty for their role in the riot.

Dale “DJ” Shalvey and Tara Stottlemyer pleaded guilty while appearing Monday afternoon before U.S. District Judge Timothy Kelly in federal court in Washington, D.C., and will likely be sentenced to prison at a later date.

A video posted online showed Shalvey and Stottlemyer wearing green raincoats and helmets while inside the Senate chamber and going through paperwork on Sen. Ted Cruz’s desk moments after the senators were rushed from the room. Shalvey was also accused of stealing a letter from Sen. Mitt Romney meant for former vice president Mike Pence.

Shalvey, 38, and Stottlemyer, 37, each pleaded guilty to obstructing of an official proceeding, while Shalvey also pleaded guilty to an additional charge of assaulting or impeding certain officers for throwing an object at a DC Metro police officer outside the Capitol. Shalvey faces 41 to 51 months in jail while Stottlemyer could be sentenced to a prison term of 15 to 21 months.

Shalvey is originally from Wheeling, while Stottlemyer grew up in the Charleroi area. They were living in Bentleyville and managing a farm at the time of the attack, but the couple has since gotten married and moved to Conover, North Carolina.

The 90-minute plea hearing was held through video conferencing as Kelly walked the couple and a third co-defendant, Katharine Morrison, through the government’s case.

Stottlemyer requested a brief recess to speak privately with her attorney about elements of the plea that she “intended” to disrupt Congress certifying the election for President Joe Biden. After consulting with her attorney, Stottlemyer agreed to continue.

“Why don’t you tell me in your own words (what you did)?” the judge asked Stottlemyer.

“Being in there, I realize that my presence caused the delay of that vote (certification),” Stottlemyer said. “I did do that (intentionally) by being in there.”

“By going there of your own volition, it’s something you intended to bring about, that delay?” Miller asked.

“Yes,” Stottlemyer responded.

Kelly then recited the plea deals the defendant had reached with federal prosecutors and listened as they acknowledged their involvement while they heard the potential sentences he could impose on them.

Shalvey was charged in February 2021, while Stottlemyer was indicted and arrested several months later. Morrison, 38, also was seen on the Senate floor and pleaded guilty with Shalvey and Stottlemyer during Monday’s plea hearing. Kelly will sentence the trio, who are all free on bond, during separate hearings beginning at 9:30 a.m. Jan. 20.


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