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At 1:57 a.m. Wednesday, an officer was requested to follow up with the Ohio State Highway Patrol on an alleged road rage incident on East Main Street in Flushing.

At 12:17 a.m. Wednesday, a caller from Spring Park Avenue in St. Clairsville reported they could hear someone screaming for help, but they were unsure of where it was coming from. An officer advised the screaming was coming from juveniles up the hill, according to the report.

At 10:35 p.m. Tuesday, a caller from Belmont Street in Bellaire reported there were “multiple belligerent females causing problems” there. An officer was called to assist another unit. Everyone was going on their way, the report stated.

At 8:23 p.m. Tuesday, a caller from an address on Main Street in Martins Ferry said she threw bread in the yard to feed the birds. The neighbor’s dog came into the yard and ate the bread, and the neighbor accused them of trying to poison her dog. This was an episode in an ongoing dispute between neighbors, the report indicated.

At 3:49 p.m. Tuesday, a caller from Commercial Drive, Bridgeport, reported a male had been making threats to harm him, and he said he was on his way over. Officers spoke with both parties. No direct threats were made, and neither wanted to file charges, the report stated.

At 1:01 p.m. Tuesday, a caller from an address on Lake Street, Bethesda, said a man was bathing nude in the lake and making threats to harm the caller. The man allegedly tried to stab the complainant a few days ago, but the caller did not wish to file charges. Officers responded and advised there were mental issues involved, and a welfare check was performed. No charges were filed, according to the report.

At 12:31 p.m. Tuesday, a deputy was en route from the Belmont County Courthouse to the Sargus Juvenile Detention Center with one female prisoner.

At 11:32 p.m. Tuesday, a was en route from the Belmont County Courthouse to the Belmont County Jail with one male prisoner.

At 8:11 a.m. Tuesday, a complainant at Ferry Landing Road, Shadyside, wished to speak with a deputy regarding threats or harassment.


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