Three arrested after child predator investigation

WOODSFIELD — During December, the Woodsfield Police Department conducted a child predator sting in the area of Woodsfield.

The police department used a social media platform to pose as an underage person.

Investigators allege the suspects offered to meet a person they believed to be a minor for sexual acts. When the suspects arrived to meet the minor, they were instead met by the police department and arrested, according to a news release from the department.

The Woodsfield Police Department thanked the Monroe County Prosecutor’s Office for its efforts in connection with the investigation.

Duane M. Potts, 55, Nathaniel Cruse, 25, and Christian Carpenter, 21, were arrested and charged with importuning and/or disseminating matter harmful to juveniles.

The Woodsfield Police Department pointed out in the release that Cruse is the third individual officers have arrested for sexual-related crimes who is associated with 108 S. Paul St. in Woodsfield.


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