Eagles Auxiliary in fear of dissolving

T-L Photo/GAGE VOTA President Sharon Manbeck addresses the members of the St. Clairsville Eagles Auxiliary about the potential dissolution of the chapter.

ST. CLAIRSVILLE — The Fraternal Order of Eagles 2541 Auxiliary is at risk of folding its St. Clairsville chapter.

The St. Clairsville auxiliary chapter is in desperate need of members to fill organizational offices. It requires 12 seats to be filled, and officer nominations will be made Tuesday, April 16.

The auxiliary membership will vote on new officers in May, and the new officers will take their seats on June 1.

Regular auxiliary meetings are held on the first and third Tuesdays of each month.

There is no need for experience to be nominated to be an officer, but the organization asks that new officers have the ability to write shorthand and have some bookkeeping experience. You must be a member of the Fraternity Order of the Eagles to hold office.

New memberships cost $39, and there is an annual fee of $24.

The annual membership fee allows access to any Eagles chapter anywhere in the country.

Applications to become a member are located at the St. Clairsville chapter of the Fraternal Order of Eagles at 50690 National Road East.

The Eagles auxiliary is a nonprofit organization.

Auxiliary President Sharon Manbeck spoke about the Eagles providing a great environment to be in.

“We have food, drinks, slot machines, a jukebox and pull tickets. Everyone gets along really well,” she said. “We do a picnic in the summer, a Halloween party where the kids can dress up, and a Christmas party in the winter. We supply gifts to the children. We provide food, and we have a Mr. and Mrs. Santa.

“We do a lot, but even members who just want to come are encouraged because we’re looking for people who want to work in the kitchen,” she added.

She said that the kitchen workers are paid on an hourly basis, plus tips.

Manbeck noted that in September, a former member of the auxiliary stole around $10,000 from the auxiliary’s accounts.

According to Manbeck, the theft was a big blow to the auxiliary. The organization was able to press charges, and Manbeck believes the former member will have to pay restitution.

Belmont County Prosecutor Kevin Flanagan confirmed that Jennifer Jones, a resident of West Liberty according to court records, pleaded guilty in mid-March to fourth-degree felony grand theft in connection to the theft from the St. Clairsville Eagles Auxiliary. Flanagan said Jones has requested intervention in lieu of conviction, seeking treatment for addiction.

Flanagan added that it was difficult to determine a precise amount of money that was taken, since the organization conducts many fundraisers and makes charitable gifts with a good deal of money flowing in and out of its coffers.

“Hats off to them for coming up with the accounting that they did to get us as close to a figure as possible,” Flanagan said, noting it is believed that $10,000-$12,000 was stolen.

He said Jones is scheduled for a restitution hearing on May 20. Witnesses will be called, and the judge will make a determination about what amount is owed to the auxiliary by Jones.


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