Fire-Water Dreams creating memorable moments

T-L Photos/GAGE VOTA ABOVE: The Fire-Water Fire Truck, originally made in 1988, is the flagship fire truck used by the company to entertain people of all ages.

ST. CLAIRSVILLE — A recently established business aims to offer a new take on activities for youth.

Fire-Water Dreams LLC is the brain child of Shawn Marchlenski and Micheal R. Ordakowski, developed in late 2023, but the partnership between the two extends all the way back to 1995. Marchlenski and Ordakowski met while both working for the Universal Volunteer Fire Department No. 6 in Pennsylvania.

In October 2023, the pair saw that the original fire truck they both were assigned to all those years ago was for sale. The two were able to negotiate with the owner of the fire engine and purchased it in early January 2024. Marchlenski said the original fire station they worked at closed its doors in 2016, and the truck was the final thing left to be sold off.

He added that the owner of the fire truck planned on selling it to a scrap yard, but he and Ordakowski felt they needed to buy it to preserve all of the fond memories they have from their years in the fire service.

“For over the past three months, we have spent time equipping the truck like it was when it was in service,” Marchlenski said.

Fire-Water Dreams LLC is a birthday party-based company, but it is an a la carte booking service. It offers birthday party rentals for children, will chauffeur children to or from school and can be booked for just about anything you could imagine to do with a fire truck.

“After the thousands of memories we had with Engine 63, we’re looking forward to making thousands more with a new generation,” Marchlenski said.

Marchlenski also owns another company called Peetza Cutters Forge, which is a custom knife making business.

“Everything I make in both businesses goes back into the restoration of the truck,” he noted.

While Fire-Water Dreams does offer some fire prevention lessons, its main goal is to provide a fun and unique experience that the children will cherish and remember forever. It recently partnered with A Special Wish Ohio Valley and has worked with St. John’s Home for Children in Elm Grove. They hope to continue to partner with more nonprofits and charities in the future.

“I can’t wait to help make memories for these kids,” Marchlenski said.

On Saturday, Fire-Water Dreams LLC will be at Cabela’s at The Highlands from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. for Cabela’s Spring Crafters Market. They will be offering fire truck rides for the people in attendance. If interested in booking Fire-Water Dreams LLC for any upcoming event, contact its social media pages.


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