Monroe Fair underway

Natalie Malley of Bellevue and daughter Daziley look over the art at the Raymond Weber Arts & Crafts barn Monday during the Monroe County Fair. Her children Harley and Jaston are members of the Bellevue Busy Bees 4-H Club and showing rabbits at the fair.

WOODSFIELD — Excitement filled the air for the first day of the Monroe County Fair, as 4-H members had the opportunity to show the animals they have raised alongside other seasonal events Monday.

Shayann Baker, 13, of Barnesville, with the Outlaw Classics 4-H Club, is showing 11 goats and some cows at the fair.

“I’ve been doing this for eight years. My grandpa used to be a veterinarian’s assistant and I just really liked the animals. I just stuck with it,” she said.,

Last year, she showed 13 animals and nine the previous year. Baker said her experience in 4-H has helped her build on her agricultural background and instilled valuable qualities.

“It’s taught me responsibility, that I have to keep up with the animals so they don’t get sick. Keep medical records of them in case I take them to the sale barn and they’re on medication so they don’t need it,” she said. “It’s fun and if anybody wants to join, it’s not hard to join.”

Brad Stephens, member of the Cross Country Classics 4-H Club tends the turkeys he will be showing during Monroe County Fair. He is a past winner of the Grand Reserve award.

Natalie Malley of Bellevue is a 4-H advisor and former 4-H member. Her children, Harley and Jaston are members of the Bellevue Busy Bees 4-H Club and showing rabbits at the fair.

“It teaches them values. It teaches them to take care of animals,” she said.

At the medical tent, staff from the Monroe County Emergency Management Squad were ready with an off-road buggy for quick transportation, and other emergency agencies will be checking in throughout the fair.

Patients with serious injuries are taken to Barnesville Hospital.

Squad Force Station Supervisor Cody Simmons said they were chiefly on the lookout for bee stings, dehydration and heat stroke, as well as minor cuts, scrapes and falls from horses.

Holly Schlarmann of Sardis, members of Hilltop Swiss Lads and Lasses 4-H Club, practices showing her cow at the fair.

“We have a crew here 24/7, that’s in addition to the duty crew that’s 911, that’s covering the county,” Simmons said.

“Last year we had about 20 patients that we treated. … Out of the 20, we only took one to the hospital. We try to do all the treatment here.”

Also, an air medical transport helicopter out of Wetzel County will be set up Wednesday afternoon to allow visitors to look at the helicopter.

Fair Board Secretary Jason Winkler said popular attractions include lighted hot air balloon rides and drag races, as well as a rodeo, derby events and truck-pulls on Wednesday. The Sunset Roosters will be providing musical entertainment.

He added that the fair normally sees 20,000 people in the course of the week.

“I would think we’re going to have a pretty good crowd. It’s supposed to cool off toward the end of the week, and the truck-pulls, that’s going to be a really big thing. We’re getting some big classes of trucks around here,” he said. “Thursday, Friday and Saturday should be huge.”

Monroe County Commissioner Carl Davis said the fair is always much-anticipated among 4-H members and hoped locals would come out in support of the area youth.

“We want to wish everyone well,” he said.