Easter bunny hopping into some villages

Photo Provided THE EASTER Bunny waves to people in St. Clairsville on Monday during a tour organized by the Snotty Pooch pet boutique.

MARTINS FERRY — Along with the village of Bellaire, a few other municipalities are hosting their own visits from the Easter Bunny this weekend — though from afar.

The Smith Township Volunteer Fire Department is planning on Saturday to drive the Easter Bunny through the area on one of its trucks so children can wave hello from a safe social distance on their home’s front porches or from their vehicles.

Patty Phillips, firefighter and squad captain, noted in a Facebook post that bags of candy will be tossed out to the children as well.

“If you are concerned about contamination, leave the bag lie on the ground. Only one truck will be throwing candy, so there won’t be lots of gloved hands on it. We will have masks on,” she wrote. “We are asking everyone to stay in their community. Stay at your home or your car. Keep your social distance. We hope that everyone will be respectful and enjoy letting the little ones see the Easter Bunny. We are not accepting outside donations of candy or treats.”

The fire department will begin its trek at 10 a.m. on Dysart Road, traveling to Ogilbee Road and then back through Centerville to Jacobsburg to Mount Victory Road. Then the firefighters and bunny will go back through Centerville to Warnock and Loomis.

The village of Bethesda also is planning to have the Easter Bunny visit children via a traveling truck. Mayor Samantha Burkhead posted on social media that the bunny would begin its route at noon. People are asked to stay on their respective porches to remain safe during this coronavirus pandemic.

“We are estimating 30 minutes, give or take, per section. We will sound the siren along the route to let you know when we are near,” she wrote.

The village of Flushing also will host the Easter Bunny on Saturday. According to a social media posting from Mayor Angelo Vincenzo, the bunny will be escorted by the fire department between noon and 1 p.m. around the village. The bunny will be tossing Easter eggs filled with goodies into yards.

“To ensure everyone is safe, this will be done from vehicles. Please have your children stay in the yard to receive their goodies. I have all the confidence in the world that our Fire Department will take every measure to ensure the safety of you and your children,” he said.

The Easter Bunny also plans to visit Martins Ferry from 2-4 p.m. Sunday, Mayor John Davies said. Residents are asked to stay on their porches while the bunny drives by.

Meanwhile, the village of Bellaire’s volunteer fire department also still is planning to have the bunny tour around town on an engine starting at noon Saturday.

Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, state and federal leaders and scientists are mandating that people keep at least 6 feet apart from others and not gather in groups with more than 10 people. With this in mind, the fire departments have decided it would be best if everyone stays on their respective home’s porches in order to wave to the bunny.

The bunny already made a brief appearance in St. Clairsville, thanks to a tour organized by the Snotty Pooch pet boutique. The bunny rode in the back of a pickup truck and waved to people and their pets.


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