Bridgeport says water is now safe to drink

BRIDGEPORT — The village of Bridgeport announced that the community’s water is now safe to drink after two wells were found to be contaminated.

Bridgeport Water Works Superintendent James Zorbini said Friday that Ohio Environmental Protection Agency test results have come back and are now indicating the village’s water system is free from Per- and Polyfluorakyl substances, or PFAS.

“The OEPA sampled the water entering the village of Bridgeport water system for PFAS substances. All six were found to be non-detect,” a release from the Bridgeport Water and Sewer Department states.

Last week the Ohio EPA discovered Bridgeport’s water contained elevated levels of the chemical PFNA. The analysis found levels of PFNA at 21.8 parts per trillion (ppt) in the village’s water, which is above the Ohio EPA action level of 21 ppt. The chemical was found in two of the village’s five production wells.

As soon as the discovery was made, the village isolated and discontinued the use of the two contaminated wells.

Zorbini said the water system’s entry point and three wells that were clear were retested Wednesday and came back free from the substances.

“The three wells that we switched over to that were clear, we’ve been on those ever since. They (Ohio EPA) came in and tested those three wells and the entry point where the water leaves the building,” he said.

The two wells that tested positive for the chemical will no longer be in use.

“We won’t be using them. They’ll be valved out of the system. We can’t use them, they’re contaminated,” he said.


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