Cadiz sees decrease in budget due to drop in income tax collections

CADIZ — The village of Cadiz is experiencing a slight decrease in its budget due to a drop in income tax collections.

Cadiz Village Council discussed the matter during its meeting Thursday evening.

Village Administrator Ted Andrzejewski said the general fund budget is down 6 percent.

“It’s not good and it’s not bad,” he said.

However, the village’s income tax collections for the first six months of 2020 has seen a $160,000 decrease. Andrzejewski said the decrease is “not good,” but the village remains financially stable.

“The word I used and the word council agreed with is we’re ‘OK.’ We’re not great and we’re not devastated, we’re just OK,” he said.

The coronavirus pandemic has been a contributing factor in the budget’s decrease.

Andrzejewski said the gasoline tax being down due to decreased travel during the outbreak also has affected the village and its ability to purchase asphalt to fix local roadways.

“The other thing that affects our general fund and allows us to have money to get asphalt to fix roads is the gasoline tax. It is way down, and that’s because people aren’t driving and they’re not traveling, not going to work,” he said.

In other news, council signed a proclamation thanking the Fraternal Order of Eagles for its contributions to the Cadiz Police Department.

“This year, which is a particularly hard year for everybody, they (FOE) donated $10,000 that the police are going to use to buy new equipment for the police department,” Andrzejewski said.

Last month, the organization donated the funds, which allowed law enforcement to purchase nine new body cameras for officers and five computers.

The FOE has been donating funds and providing grants to the village since around 2008. Council previously stated that the organization has provided around $100,000 in funding to the police department over the past decade.

Andrzejewski said the proclamation was an official thank you to show the village’s gratitude for the financial contribution.

Council will next meet at 7 p.m. July 23 at the village municipal building.


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