No swimming at Sally Buffalo Park

CADIZ – Village officials are planning to install “no swimming” signage along the waterways at Sally Buffalo Park due to various potential dangers.

Although the village already implemented a no swimming policy at the lakes in the past, many people are not following that direction. Council briefly discussed the matter during Thursday’s meeting.

Councilman John Vermillion said park attendees are continuing to swim in the lakes with the beach being closed.

“Last week it was brought to my attention, and a few other council members, about swimming out at Sally Buffalo with the beach being closed. In years past we have never let swimming occur out there for different reasons,” he said.

Vermillion said the youth and recreation department would like to install five “no swimming at any time signs” at each lake area in the park.

“We’d like to go ahead and put up five no swimming at any time signs out at the lake, at each lake head. Scott (Porter, park manager) is going to handle the ordering (of the signs),” he said.

Council unanimously approved Vermillion’s request to install the signage. Vermillion said he would move forward with the purchase and installation of the signs.

In other council news, Village Administrator Ted Andrzjewski said the village continues to work with residents with water shutoff notices.

There are currently 28 residents on the village’s payment plant, which allows those residents with shutoff notices to make the payment in three installments to avoid shutoff.

“Most of the people have just let their water and sewer (bill) go for two or three months thinking that, perhaps some of them were thinking when they read we can’t do shutoffs that the bill was forgiven. We tried to explain to people that just because we weren’t doing shutoffs doesn’t mean that you’re not responsible for your water and sewer bills,” he said.

In the coming week, those residents who are enrolled in the payment plan must pay their current bill plus the second installment of the payment plan.

Andrzjewski said the village continues to work with many residents to avoid the shutoff.

“We are trying to show some empathy to our residents. … We’re not unsympathetic. We’re trying to work every way we can with people to get them to pay and get it to where they can afford it,” he said.

Out of 80 residents with overdue water bills last month, six residents had their water turned off for failure to pay.


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