King Pumpkin Weigh-Off is online this evening

Event is not open to the public

File Photo SHOWN HERE is one of the giant pumpkins weighed during a past Barnesville Pumpkin Festival King Pumpkin Weigh-Off.

BARNESVILLE — The Barnesville Pumpkin Festival was canceled for this year because of COVID-19, but the King Pumpkin Weigh-Off still is set to happen and can be viewed online this evening.

To prevent a crowd of people from gathering, the weigh-off is being held at an undisclosed location today. However, those who would like to watch it live can do so from 6-8 p.m. online via the Belmont County Tourism Facebook page.

According to information posted on social media, the prizes will be as follows:

1st Place — $2 per pound, King Pumpkin Trophy and 1st Place Special Great Pumpkin Commonwealth ribbon;

2nd Place — $1,000, 2nd Place Trophy and 2nd Place Special GPC ribbon;

3rd Place — $500, 3rd Place Trophy and 3rd Place Special GPC ribbon;

4th Place — $300, 4th Place Special GPC site ribbon;

5th Place — $200, 5th Place Special GPC site ribbon;

6th Place — $150, 6th Place Special GPC site ribbon;

7th Place — $100, 7th Place Special GPC site ribbon;

8th Place — $100, 8th Place Special GPC site ribbon;

9th Place — $100, 9th Place Special GPC site ribbon; and

10th Place — $100, 10th Place Special GPC site ribbon.

There will also be a prize given to the “Heaviest Locally Grown” pumpkin, which includes $100 in cash and a Founders Cup trophy.

The “Best Looking” pumpkin will receive the Howard Dill Award ribbon. The “Heaviest Squash” will receive a plaque.

Tim Miller, weigh-off coordinator, said organizing the event has been “a little bit different” this year.

“We want to promote it to growers but keep the public from being involved,” he said. “It’s not open to the public.”

Miller said it is possible there will be more participants this year.

“We expect more pumpkins this year because of cancellations of other weigh-ins in Ohio. But you never know until it happens,” Miller said.


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