Four apply for open position in Ferry

MARTINS FERRY — The city is another step closer to having a new treasurer.

Mayor John Davies said he has received four good applications from people wanting the part-time position.

“So far, it’s going to be a tough decision. We have some qualified people in there. People who work in banking and an accounting office. One does payroll for another big business,” he said, conceding having great applicants to choose from was a good problem to have.

“This is the easiest problem I’ve had since I’ve been there,” he noted.

Davies said he will have Service Director Andy Sutak help him make the decision on who to hire. Sutak is a former auditor for Belmont County.

“Andy is an auditor. He knows all about this stuff, too. I’ll rely a lot on what he has to say,” Davies said. “Three of them are extremely qualified, but all the resumes are impeccable.”

Davies said this week that he is planning to do in-person interviews because of the quality of the resumes.

“We’ll get someone in there in a reasonable amount of time,” he said.

Last Friday was the last day to submit a resume for the position.

The treasurer position became vacant following the death of longtime employee Rhonda Bernarndo on Sept.7. In the meantime, city Auditor Rita Randall is filling the duties.

Since the treasurer is an elected position, the current term lasts until the end of 2021. Since Bernardo ran for her elected seat as an independent, it is up to Davies to hire and

appoint someone to fill it.

The person appointed will have to run in next year’s primary if they plan to keep the position for another term.


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