Drugs seized in traffic stop

BARNESVILLE — Police made an arrest during the weekend and took suspected methamphetamine and cocaine off the street.

“At Saturday night into Sunday morning around midnight, one of the officers stopped a vehicle for an equipment violation and we had some information on the driver, that he was supposed to be bringing drugs into down to sell,” Police Chief Rocky Sirianni said.

Sirianni said the driver, Donald Evans II, 41, consented to a search of his car.

“Officers ended up searching the vehicle and found right around 10 grams of meth and a little bit of powdered cocaine,” Sirianni said.

The report states Evans told law enforcement he was coming to Barnesville to sell his drugs.

“We’ve had bigger (seizures) but that’s a pretty decent amount for our town. Just to come from a traffic stop, that’s a pretty good bit,” the chief said.

“It’s becoming more common … that we see anywhere from the 5- to 10-gram range just on a traffic stop.”

He said Evans is facing two third-degree felony charges and two fifth-degree charges for trafficking in drugs, and possession of drugs.


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