New options available for taxpayers

WOODSFIELD — The Monroe County Treasurer’s Office will begin offering three automatic withdrawal payment programs to taxpayers for the upcoming 2022 tax year.

Currently, taxpayers have the option of paying in-person with cash, check, credit/debit card, online, over the phone, or use a drive-through deposit box.

The new ACH option allows the Treasurer’s Office to make automatic payment deductions from a customer’s bank account free of charge on a monthly, semi-annual, or annual basis for real estate or manufactured home taxes. The new service will be available to any taxpayers who are current.

Taxpayers will have the following ACH options:

Semi-annual or annual ACH withdrawal: This option allows taxpayers to choose to have either their first and second half taxes automatically withdrawn from their bank account twice a year (semi-annual) or their full year amount (annual).

“This new service will provide taxpayers with yet another convenient option to pay their taxes, particularly those who travel for extend periods of time or spend summers or winters away from the area during collection seasons,” said county Treasurer Taylor Abbott.

Monthly ACH escrow payments. Taxpayers who prefer to make a monthly payment toward their overall tax bill will now have the option to do so under this new service. The money will be automatically withdrawn on a specific date each month and held in escrow until the next collection cycle opens.

“I’ve heard from many customers who have asked about a monthly escrow plan. For the first time ever, Monroe County taxpayers will now have the option of doing just that. For those who are budget-minded, the plan will allow them to make their payments in a much easier and affordable way rather than in one or two large lump sum amounts.”

For more information about the new services or to enroll, call the treasurer’s office at 740-472-1521.


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