Car eggings could cause crashes

BELMONT — Police are looking into a potentially deadly prank following recent reports of eggs being thrown at vehicles, including one moving car.

When the incident was mentioned on a social media post, users said they experienced recent eggings of houses and cars in the Barnesville, Bethesda and Belmont areas.

Belmont Police Chief Andrew Miller joined sheriff’s deputies in responding to the complaint of eggs thrown at a moving vehicle.

“The actual egging, at least I’ve gotten no reports in Belmont,” he said, adding that on Sunday a woman was driving near Barkcamp State Park and reported an egg striking her car. “Me and the sheriff’s office responded. I responded just to help them out but we didn’t find anything. We didn’t find eggs, we didn’t have the make and model of the vehicle. … I went out with them and drove up and down Ohio 149 by Barkcamp and neither of us saw anything.”

Miller said his department has not heard complaints from village residents.

“We haven’t had any actual calls in the village. The only call was outside the village where the sheriff’s office has jurisdiction,” he said.

“The only report that I’ve heard that’s actually been called in to 911 … was that one,” Miller said. “I know the sheriff’s office checked it out. They were out in that area awhile trying to find it.”

The dispatcher on duty at the Barnesville police station said village police had received one report of an egg thrown at a parked car Monday.

Bethesda officials did not respond to calls inquiring about the matter.

According to Belmont County 911, there was a recent call that a car in the St. Clairsville area was egged, but the dispatcher was unsure if the car was parked or moving. St. Clairsville police were not available for comment.

Belmont County Chief Sheriff’s Deputy James Zusack said he would look into the complaints but did not respond further by the end of the day Tuesday. The Ohio State Highway Patrol St. Clairsville Post has not received any complaints.

Miller said the pranksters could face serious consequences if they cause an accident.

“It’s criminal damaging, but if they were to cause an accident then they’d be liable. They could be charged higher if there’s significant physical injury,” he said. “If the car crashes and causes damage, it can go up to vandalism. Vandalism can be a felony. It’s all case-by-case.”


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