Bridgeport’s fountain gets ‘soaped’

Good, clean fun still considered vandalism

Bridgeport’s fountain gets ‘soaped’

BRIDGEPORT — Motorists passing through Bridgeport on Thursday morning may have noticed the village’s downtown fountain was looking a little foamier than usual.

That foam was actually bubbles apparently created by someone dumping soap into the fountain that sits at the intersection of National Road and Lincoln Avenue.

The bright white bubbles filled much of the basin, though it was not spilling over the sides during people’s commute that morning.

“Soaping” the fountain is a summertime prank that some who grew up in the village have either heard about happening in the past, or thought about doing it themselves during their youth.

Bridgeport police Lt. Darby Copeland said Thursday the fountain getting soaped is not uncommon.

“It’s been going on for decades. It’s something that happens,” Copeland said.

He noted in the “old days” teens from neighboring cities would put their respective school’s colors into the fountain before big games.

“Martins Ferry would put purple dye in it, Bellaire would put (red) dye in it,” he said.

Copeland said the soap would not hurt the fountain’s inner workings, but is still considered vandalism.

“We still don’t like vandalism. It takes time and money to fix. We’ll check all the local cameras. Businesses have cameras. If we find something, we’ll go from there,” Copeland said.


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