Martins Ferry donates squad to Belmont County Animal Rescue League

MARTINS FERRY — The Belmont County Animal Rescue League now has an additional method of transportation to assist with humane calls, thanks to a donation from the Purple City.

Last month, Martins Ferry City Council unanimously voted to give a retired ambulance to the rescue league after the fire department was able to purchase a new vehicle.

On behalf of the city, Martins Ferry Mayor John Davies said it was a pleasure to donate the ambulance to the organization.

“We all work in conjunction with each other, and we had an extra squad that we replaced so we donated the one we put out of service. … We’re happy we were able to help them out,” Davies said.

On Thursday afternoon, members of the Martins Ferry Volunteer Fire Department presented Lisa Kern, assistant director for BCARL, with the department’s retired ambulance. Kern said the vehicle mostly will be used to transport animals seized in hoarding cases due to the large amount of space it provides.

“We get a lot of hoarding cases, so we’re excited that we’ll be able to load them all up in there. All we have right now is a van and a pickup truck, but it’s not air conditioned in the back,” she said, adding that the donated ambulance is equipped with air conditioning that will keep the animals cool on warm days.

“We had a house down the street from here (on Zane Highway) where I got 35 cats and two dogs out of. Something like this (vehicle) would be amazing to get them all loaded up and get them back to the rescue league,” Kern said.

Kern wants to remind residents that BCARL only deals with humane cases. She said the organization deals with cases of cruelty, abandonment, neglect and abuse.

“As much as we’d love to have the ability to take in every stray, we don’t have the finances or the facilities to do so,” she said.


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