Revenue projections off by $1.27M in Monroe

WOODSFIELD — Monroe County’s revenue is coming in more than $1 million below projections, mostly due to a decrease in sales tax funds.

Erica Carte, budgetary supervisor of the Monroe County Auditor’s Office, met with the Monroe County Board of Commissioners on Monday to discuss the budget. Auditor Denise Stoneking was not feeling well the morning of the scheduled meeting, so Carte filled in for her.

Carte said officials originally estimated the county would bring in $11.5 million in revenue for the year; however, as of this month, that number has been reduced to $10.8 million. She said the revenue initially was “overestimated.” She said the number now more accurately reflects the current rate of revenue collection.

“In sales tax, we were actually down $837,000. Well, not down, we overestimated,” she said, citing one of the biggest reasons for the drop.

She added that prisoner housing and interest rates also have declined, which makes up the remainder of the decrease in the projection.

“So that’s a total of $1.27 million that we estimated to get that we’re not going to get,” Carte said.

She noted the county still has another month of revenue coming in from December, which most likely will add another $400,000 to the county’s revenue.

“The only thing we can do is budget and adjust for it now so we’re prepared for next year. We probably will be receiving more revenue next year because we are still recovering from the pandemic. We just have to look at our budgets,” she said.

Carte said the office is still waiting on most departments to submit budget reduction plans. So far, the auditor’s office, board of elections, prosecutor’s office and treasurer’s office are the only ones to submit their adjustments, which total around $100,000 in reductions. Commissioners sent out letters on behalf of the auditor in August requesting that each department attempt to decrease spending and submit the reduction plans as soon as possible.

“We’re hoping some of those departments are able to give back and not going to spend $2.6 million,” she said.

Until all the reductions are submitted, Carte said the office will not have more accurate figures available. Commissioner Diane Burkhart said the board would “see what they could do” about having the other departments submit the paperwork to the auditor.

Commissioners will next meet at 9 a.m. Monday at the Monroe County Courthouse in Woodsfield.


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