Harrison County officials approve agreements

CADIZ — The Harrison County Board of Commissioners approved two agreements Wednesday between the county and Ohio Power for work being done in Shortcreek Township.

Both agreements basically express the same verbiage, with one being a supplement including work “for much needed, updated lines,” according to Commissioner Paul Coffland.

The work is being performed by Ohio Power, which is a division of American Electric Power. Additional wording prevents the county from planting or to “cultivate any trees, or place, construct, install, erect or permit any temporary or permanent building, structure, improvement or obstruction” including light poles, signs, billboards or above ground irrigations systems in that area.

The agreements state that some of those lines have been in place since 1928.

The agreement also permits the use of herbicides, “or tree growth regulators or other means any and all other trees,” branches or vegetation within the easement area.

Agreement (65-21) is to pay the county $37,710 and agreement (66-21) is for $50,670 for a total of nearly $90,000 coming into Harrison County.

“They’re updating the lines and they’re paying Harrison County to do it,” Commissioner Don Bethel said.


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