Belmont County preparing for general election

ST. CLAIRSVILLE — The Belmont County Board of Elections recently certified provisional ballots from the Aug. 2 election that completed the primaries.

Director Aaron Moore said there were 10 provisional ballots, eight of which are valid and will be counted today when the board meets to certify the election.

There is no time to rest, with the Nov. 8 general election fast approaching and promising a high turnout.

“We certified (Belmont County Eastern Division Judge) David Trouten’s petition for judge of the county courts,” Moore said. “We also approved the Shadyside American Legion liquor license for Sunday sales, we approved their petition (for the ballot).

“There will be two statewide issues on the ballot. We are not going to get any information about that until (4 p.m. today). The state is going to certify them and send us the information,” Moore said. “We should have more information then. … The state will send us ballot directives for the form of the ballot, and that will tell us all the names and races and issues on the ballot. We intend to receive that by next Tuesday. … We should have more information on what these statewide issues are, how big they’re going to be on our ballot.”

“Our next one’s in November. We’ve already got all of our ballot stock needed for the next election,” Moore said. “We are going to at the end of the month send out postcards to our poll workers to see if they’re available to work the November election, and we are always looking for more poll workers so if people want to sign up they can call out here and we will get them signed up.

The phone number is 740-526-0188.

“We are going to go back to our full allotment. This past primary we only used three poll workers in each polling location. That was fine because of the small turnout, but during the November election and we are expecting a bigger, larger turnout so we are going to go back to four poll workers at each polling location. So we are hoping to get everyone that comes back in years past, as well as we’re reaching out to people to see if anyone else would like to sign,” Moore said.

Moore said seven levies have been filed.

Countywide, there is the Belmont County Senior Services five-year renewal levy of 1.5 mills.

The Belmont County Library District, which covers branches in Martins Ferry, Shadyside, Bridgeport, Powhatan Point, Flushing and Bethesda, is placing the 1-mill levy on the ballot as a continuous levy.

“The past was a five-year levy,” Moore said.

The St. Clairsville and Richland Township Memorial Park District is placing its five-year, 0.25-mill renewal levy on the ballot.

The city of St. Clairsville’s 1.95-mill, five-year current expense levy is also up for renewal.

“And I have three separate levies for Smith Township,” Moore said.

They are all five-year renewal levies – a general construction and road and bridge resurfacing levy of 0.9 mills, a 2-mill roofing and repair of the Smith Township Community Center, and 4-mill fire department levy.

Moore added that the deadline to file and place a name or issue on the ballot was Aug. 10. Early voting begins Oct. 12 – 30 days prior to the Nov. 8 election.

The board will next meet at 4 p.m. today at the office, 52180 National Road.


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