Celebrating the Ohio Valley’s Women of Progress

WHEELING — Latisha Cummings is anything but the stereotypical pastor’s wife. Instead of wearing her Sunday best and sitting in the front row as her husband conducts a service, she is busy running the sound board, livestreaming the sermon and tending to the church’s finances.

Along Interstate 70 in Ohio County, Juliette Hill manages about 60 employees while working to prevent death, illness and injury among U.S. coal miners.

Sarah Scott, meanwhile, is all about helping people remove the limits from their lives. As a school-based occupational therapist, she maintains an optimistic outlook while she helps children and families improve their physical, emotional and mental health.

These women — and dozens of others — are highlighted over the next three days in a special publication called Women of Progress. Their stories are exceptional and show the impact each has not only with their friends and families, but also in making our region a wonderful place to live.

Our annual Progress edition looks at the strides being made across the Ohio Valley in the areas of Education, Health Care, Community, Finance, Manufacturing & Technology, and Professionals & Entrepreneurs.

This year, we focused on the perspective of many Ohio Valley women and how they’re making a difference in the local community.

In doing so, our reporters found that women are a driving force behind an array of professions, projects and people-focused plans. From professionals such as lawyers, nurse practitioners and financial advisers to government officials, community leaders and business owners, the Ohio Valley is filled with capable, compassionate women that are key players in all aspects of our daily lives.

“The Ohio Valley is such a wonderful place filled with people working hard every day to improve life for all,” said Jennifer Compston-Strough, managing editor of The Times Leader. “Each year at this time we present the stories of many of those working to better our region, and this year we rightly chose to highlight the many wonderful women helping to make the Ohio Valley great while also managing their households and raising a family. We are so pleased to highlight their efforts and introduce them to you over the coming three days.”

In the pages of our six Progress sections — Finance and Manufacturing & Technology today; Education and Health Care on Tuesday; and Community and Professionals & Entrepreneurs on Wednesday — readers will learn not only about the careers of these remarkable individuals, but also about their lives and the principles that guide them. These women also provide insight regarding why they choose to remain in the local region, and offer advice for others who may want to follow in their footsteps.

Across the board, the women spotlighted on these pages cited the need for women to uplift and support one another. Lori Jones, executive director of the YWCA in Wheeling, summed it up as such: “There is a lot to be said for living with integrity, being able to look yourself in the face every day knowing that you are doing your best to assist women to thrive and realize their dreams.”

Indeed. Join us over the next three days as we highlight the Ohio Valley’s Women of Progress.


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