Shadyside raising water and sewer fees

T-L Photo/ROBERT A. DEFRANK Shadyside Councilman Brandon Parr reviews legislation before council votes on a rate increase.

SHADYSIDE — Water and sewer rates are surging this year as village leaders seek funding for infrastructure improvements.

Several other pieces of policy were also on the table when council met earlier this month.

Council passed legislation to raise water and sewer rates during its Feb. 12 session.

The water rates will increase by $3.38 per month for 2,000 gallons, and sewer rates will rise $5.83 per month for 2,000 gallons, effective immediately.

That brings combined current monthly rates from $35.92 to $45.13. Rates will increase again July 1 by the same amounts for a total bill of $54.34 per month.

Mayor Bob Newhart said these increases come in place of a one-time, larger rate increase.

“We’ve fallen way behind on water and sewage,” Newhart said after the meeting.

In prior meetings, Councilman Brandon Parr had noted Shadyside’s rates were too low for the village to be eligible for grants or funding from entities such as Ohio Water Development or the Ohio Environmental Protection Agency.

Councilwoman Melanie Haswell also raised the possibility of establishing an Designated Outdoor Refreshment Area where alcohol can be consumed outside. She said Adam Lucci, owner of the Central Grille, had approached council about the possibility.

Police Chief Don Collette said he was opposed to a DORA, saying that while St. Clairsville has been exploring the possibility, he believes it will be fairly contained. In St. Clairsville, the tentative limits of the DORA were Main Street from Marietta Street to South Sugar Street, with sides extending from St. David’s alley to St. Patrick’s Alley.

Collette said he also reached out to Sandusky, Ohio, which has a DORA.

“It’s nothing but a college pub crawl, that’s what it turns into,” he said. “We’ve got four bars right on Central Avenue, and you want to shut down from (Carlinis Pizza Shop) to DeFelice (Bros. Pizza) and stagger the streets? I’m not for it.”

Collette suggested allowing Lucci to create a “beer garden” similar to the American Legion’s area used during the yearly Loop Festival.

Council tabled the discussion of a DORA.

In other matters, Councilman Robert “Bushwacker” Gorrell suggested modifying the village water and sewer codes, specifying that property owners may not dig beyond the meter box of their property.

“From the curb box out to the main line it’s either a certified contractor or the village will go repair the rest of the waterline,” Gorrell said, adding that an incident occurred during summer when a property owner nearly damaged a line while apparently attempting to repair a water leak. “Myself, I do not want an individual digging up any of our streets. … We’ve got gas lines going through there.”

He reiterated after the meeting.

“From the house to the curb box is (the property owners’) responsibility. From the curb box to the main is the contractor or village,” he said.

Meanwhile, Ryncarz will draw up legislation for a 15-minute business parking spot in front of Carlini’s Pizza Shop on Central Avenue.

Collette also noted several tattered American flags around the village. He informed council that the Shadyside American Legion has offered to replace the flags at no cost to residents. The flag owners are asked to present the flags to the village office at 50 E 39th St. so they can be presented to the legion and ceremoniously disposed of.

Council went into a closed-door session for pending litigation for about 40 minutes. No action was taken afterward.

Council will hold just one meeting next month, at 6 p.m. March 11 in the municipal office. In April, the village will resume meeting at 6 p.m. on the second and fourth Mondays of each month.

A community cleanup day is set for 8 a.m. to noon near the water treatment plant at 3995 Riverside Drive. Village residents may participate and proof of residency is required. Participants are limited to one pickup truck load per resident and additional loads will be charged. Hazardous materials are prohibited.


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