St. Clairsville safety/service director resigns

T-L Photo/GAGE VOTA St. Clairsville Director of Public Service and Safety Jeremy Greenwood, right, participates in a past city council meeting. He has announced his resignation from the post.

ST. CLAIRSVILLE — Director of Public Services and Safety Jeremy Greenwood tendered his registration May 8, making his last day on the job May 25.

“He gave his heart, his soul and his time unequivocally to this city,” Mayor Kathryn Thalman said of Greenwood’s tenure.

Greenwood’s resignation comes as a result of him receiving a contracting job for the Department of Defense, where he will be able to apply his degree in architecture.

“I am very happy for him, but I’m going to be sad. We’re all trying to cover right now because he’s on vacation, but I just have a super team. They have all stepped up to the plate and said, ‘What can we do to help?’ And they are,” Thalman said.

She stressed that Greenwood’s resignation does not come on bad terms and that when the new job was offered, she told him that he had to take it because it will be a job using his degree as an architect. Greenwood is an architect by trade, and Thalman said his current job didn’t allow him to fully allow him to utilize his talents.

“This did not use his talents as it should have, but he was able to use those talents in so many places during his work here,” Thalman said while praising the work Greenwood has achieved as the director of public services and safety.

“He was smart enough to look to our future, which hasn’t really been done before,” she added.

Some of the notable projects Greenwood has been involved in include fixing the infrastructure to bring in a future hospital, as well as bringing a couple of new retail spaces to the same area of the city. He also played a key role in the upcoming projects at the St. Clairsville Recreation Center.

“The city will continue and our projects will continue and we will find somebody, but he will be very tough to replace,” Thalman said. “He gave 2,000 hours of free work to the city.”

Resumes for Greenwood’s open position are being accepted until Friday. For more information, go to the employment option at stclairsville.com. As mayor, Thalman will appoint Greenwood’s replacement.


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