A pleasant surprise on the ‘big screen’

Everybody likes a good movie, but I have never been what you would call a movie buff.

In fact, movies rarely stick with me. I watch them to be entertained, not to absorb every detail or to string a long series of films together into a cohesive saga. I have a very good memory for details when it comes to numbers, particulars of a court case or some other newsworthy information, but I just kind of tune out for a little while when I watch a movie. A few weeks later, I may not remember how it ended or what the point of it was unless it was a very special film.

Of course there are some movies that I remember well. I’ve seen “Star Wars” at least 15 times, so I’ve got that one down. Some of the ’80s classics, such as “Footloose,” “The Money Pit,” “Dirty Dancing,” “Halloween” and others definitely made an impression on me.

One movie that I enjoyed many years ago was “Coming to America.” Starring Eddie Murphy, it was about the prince of a fictional African nation who came to the United States to live it up a little before taking a bride in an arranged marriage. Secretly, he wanted to marry for love and was looking for — and found — the perfect woman for him.

The film had a happy ending, with the happy couple tying the knot in royal fashion. That was that.

Until this month, that is.

A recent trend in film-making has been to remake nearly everything. It is not a pattern I appreciate or approve of.

The new “Coming 2 America,” though is not a remake. It is a sequel, even though the original movie seemed to tie up all its loose ends.

I won’t give away the plot of this more recent film here, but I will say that I was pleasantly surprised by the movie as a whole In my opinion, most sequels fall far short of the original story that they aim to continue.

That was not the case with “Coming 2 America,” though. Perhaps because it had been decades since the first film was made, or maybe just because Eddie Murphy is just plain funny, this sequel was entertaining, amusing and generally fun to watch.

Although I initially had a problem with the plot and its driving element, the cast and crew actually managed to make sense of the whole thing and create a sequel I could enjoy.

Thanks to a streaming service my husband subscribes to, we were able to watch it the day it was released. And we did that in the comfort of our own home.

My point here is not necessarily that you should watch this movie — but I wouldn’t discourage you from it either. Instead, I am simply suggesting that sometimes it’s a good idea to do something outside of your comfort zone.

Watching a sequel that I anticipated would be disappointing didn’t change my life. But it did give me the chance to do something my husband wanted to do that I actually enjoyed.


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