Safe Treats

IT IS one of the most enjoyable times of the year for children and adults, alike.

Monday is the official date for Halloween, but it is marked by celebrations, parties and trick or treating over the course of several days. Other than Christmas and birthdays, there is possibly no other day that children look forward to.

Having said that, the ghoulish fun we encounter need not be tempered by injury or tragedy. A little pre-planning and extra precaution can go a long way with providing youngsters not only a candy-filled experience but also a safe one.

To the treat-seekers, they should not indulge in any of their sweet gifts until they arrive back home. That will enable parental inspection of their respective hauls, checking for any tampering.

While such occurrences are rare, it only takes one sick gift-giver to ruin an otherwise upbeat experience.

While on the begging tours, children should travel in groups, accompanied by grown-ups. Flashlights and light-colored and/or reflective costumes will also reduce the possibility of problems.

Going an extra mile to ensure safety, drivers should be on alert for increased pedestrian traffic. Children darting from sidewalks or behind parked vehicles always pose a problem.

There is no fool proof way to guarantee safety when youngsters are involved. That only magnifies when they take to the streets and sidewalks, often times when they are only focused on the next door.

But with everyone working together, Halloween safety need not be a masquerade.

Trick or treating will take place in countless local communities, with the majority taking place Saturday and Monday nights. A listing of respective trick or treat nights is contained in today’s edition as well as on our website.

We stress the importance of making the night a special one for children.

A safe Halloween is the most satisfying of treats.


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